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Weekend Story-A Son’s Perspective

Father and son

One day, a wealthy father took his son to the countryside so that he could experience what it was like to be poor. They stayed on the farm of an impoverished family for a few days.

After they returned from their trip, the father asked his son how it had gone. “It was great, Dad,” replied his son.

“Did you see how poor some people can be?” the father asked. 

Oh, Yes,” said the son.

“Okay. So what did you learn from the trip?” the father asked, hoping to get his son to admit how privileged their life was.

The son’s response left the father speechless. 

“Well dad, I noticed a few things. We have one dog for company, and they had four. Our garden has a pool that reaches the middle of the yard, but they have a stream that runs for miles. We have imported lanterns to light up our garden at night, but they have stars at night.

Our house has a small patio in front while they have the whole horizon. We live on a small gated piece of land, but they live amongst fields that stretch far beyond what our eyes can see. 

 We have servants to serve us, but they serve others. We have to buy our food, but they grow their own food on the farm. We have walls around our property to protect us, and they are amongst friends watching over one another. “

As a final word, his son chimed, “Our trip to the farm made me realize how poor we really are.”

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