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Emotional Intelligence Matters

Emotional Intelligence

In the workplace, people in similar roles have similar IQs (Cognitive Intelligence). So, up to a point, your IQ can help you move up the workplace ladder, but at some point, the IQ effect tops out. You end up being amidst colleagues and teammates endowed with similar IQ. From here on, your Emotional Intelligence is what makes a difference in how you move up and differentiate yourself.

Simply put, Emotional Intelligence is your ability to manage yourself better in terms of your negative emotions. After all, there is no reason for you to manage yourself when you have good, positive emotions!!

Negative emotions like anger, anxiety and fear undermine your efficiency and effectiveness because they are sticky and very distracting. Think about the last time you were angry or upset. I am sure you would have found yourself getting stuck with those emotions, unable to concentrate or focus on anything productive.

When you are challenged on your Emotional Intelligence, you will find yourself struggling-with your relationships as well as creativity and problem-solving. These are essential prerequisites for leadership roles.

Strengthen your Emotional Intelligence. It Matters !!

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