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Living Up to Your Own Expectations


Too often, we let someone else- our parents, boss, investors, co-workers, society- define our success.

  • I want you to get to the best college, and your life will be made. Parents say to their kids.
  • You should look to grow income at least 100% year on year- Your boss tells you.
  • You need to show up and put in a lot of discretionary effort if you want to progress in your career- Your mentor tells you.
  • Success is when your company captures at least 20% market share- Your investors define. 
  • Stock analysts want the company to beat the numbers they wanted the company to meet in the first place.

We experience a lot of mental and emotional stress whenever we try to match up with the expectations of others. Trying to live up to the success measures of others is always problematic- because deep inside, you have a sense of what you truly want for yourself, and it may not be the same as what others want from you.

I have realized that defining your own measure of success is better. It could be inspired by what others tell you, or it could be your own benchmark-As long as your own up to your internal measure of success, you will not feel the stress of mismatched expectations.

How’s this for a definition of personal success- living up to your own expectations !!

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