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Lessons Repeat Until You Learn

In Life, I’d like to believe that there are no mistakes, only lessons.

When I was a toddler, I made the mistake of putting my finger in the candle fire. I learned a valuable lesson- that putting fingers in fire will hurt me. I did not repeat the mistake because I learned from it and moved forward.

It is the same with everything else in life. As we grow, we encounter problems, challenges, irritations, and frustrations stemming from actions we take and mistakes we commit. They will repeat and re-occur until we see them for what they are -lessons- and learn from them.

To overcome your problems, you must be willing to view them as lessons. However, if you deny the lesson by blaming someone or something else for your misfortune, you don’t grow past your problems. Instead, they will keep repeating and recurring.

  • You score poorly on your monthly tests, and you feel stressed. The lesson will keep recurring if you don’t take the lesson that something could be wrong with the way you prepared. You will keep scoring low marks until you acknowledge the lesson and change how you prepare.
  • You struggle with your relationships. The lesson will keep recurring if you don’t take the lesson that there could be an issue with how you engage with others. As a result, you will keep struggling with your relationships.
  • You don’t get the break you think you deserve. If you don’t take the lesson that there could be something more you could have done in your preparation, the lesson will keep recurring, and you will keep missing the bus.

The lessons will repeat until you learn and grow. The moment you learn from them, the problems or mistakes cease to be lessons. You have grown beyond your mistakes and you have evolved.

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