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A Stitch In Time…..

Stitch in time

A supervisor taught me a valuable lesson early in my career.

As a frontline employee, I was responsible for selling and distributing personal computers to commercial enterprises. Occasionally, some of my clients would encounter a service problem and refer the matter to me for resolution. A client once escalated an issue that I thought was not serious enough to warrant much attention. So, instead of addressing and resolving the issue, I focused on other priorities. It was then that my supervisor intervened to impart a valuable lesson.  

All big problems start out being minor problems. Our negligence to deal with the small problems at the right time is what causes them to become big problems. A small lingering problem almost always becomes a big problem.!! If you want to avoid having to deal with big problems, focus on the minor problems and solve them right way. A stitch in time is worth nine.

This valuable lesson has stayed with me ever since as a simple mental model- Fix the small problems NOW, so they don’t become big later.

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