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Weekend Story- Perspective Taking

perspective taking

A man walks into a Bank carrying a backpack and walks into the Manager’s cabin-“Give me $2000 or I blow the bank up !!”

The Bank Manager was smart. She quickly sensed that something was amiss with this man. So instead of giving in to the demand of this man claiming to be a robber, she decided to take a step back and look at the situation from the robber’s perspective.

Why was the man demanding specifically $ 2000? She was intrigued. So she asked the man, ” Why only $2000, why not $200000?”

“My friend will be evicted from his house unless I find him $2000 to pay his mortgage!!” The man responded.

“Oh- then you don’t want to be robbing a bank. You just need a Bank loan. So why don’t you come inside? Let me help you with the paperwork for taking out a loan.”

The Manager’s perspective taking of the robber’s situation diffused a potentially volatile situation.

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