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Worried About Exposing Your Shortcomings?


Every one of us suffers from some form of insecurity. Things that we believe make us look bad or weak.

  • I am not good at public speaking, or
  • I am not good at working in teams, or 
  • I suck at saving, or
  • If I accept that I have made a mistake, it will impact my growth, or
  • I am not as good as others think I am, etc

Convinced that our insecurities will hold us back if exposed, we often go to great lengths to try to hide them. So, if an opportunity emerges that we believe will expose our shortcomings, we let it pass. We think-“Why take up something, expose myself and let others see my weaknesses.”

Our shortcomings may be genuine, but it does not mean we cannot overcome them. Instead of hiding them, we can decide to deal with them.

Being willing to expose your weaknesses takes strength. It’s an act of courage and shows confidence. When you show up with your insecurities instead of hiding them, you demonstrate vulnerability, a superpower that helps you come out being authentic, build trust and connect with others.

Most importantly, you will feel a sense of freedom because you have nothing more to hide.

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