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Are You Being Lazy?


After a long gap, I saw the Hindi movie Vikram Vedha at a theater last weekend. Although the movie was great, that’s not why I’m reminiscing about it.

In one of the scenes in the movie, the hero Hrithik Roshan narrates a parable to Saif Ali Khan to remind him that he is intellectually lazy and not working hard enough to bring some bad guys to justice.

There is a guy who loses a piece of valuable jewelry, and he is desperately searching for it on a lighted street.

Someone comes across and asks this guy, ” What are you looking for? Did you lose something here ?”

The guy who is searching responds, ” No. I lost a valuable piece of jewelry in a dark alley , but the light is much better here, and that is why I am searching for it here !!”

This scene struck me as particularly poignant because its message is relevant to many of us. There are times when we take safe and easy actions in dealing with issues that require courage and commitment. We seek answers in the comfort of the lighted area when the solution requires us to search elsewhere, where it is uncomfortable !!.

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