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Seven Things I Try To Do In Every Conversation

Effective Communication

What makes for good communication? Are there some ground rules that can help individuals to communicate effectively? 

Reflecting on my own communication philosophy, here are seven things I tell everyone to focus on in all conversations.

  1. Be genuinely interested in people, not just their work or output. This is essential if you wish to go beyond just having a transactional relationship with someone.
  2. Be conscious about not talking about yourself, your achievements, or your past glories unless someone is asking you to talk about it.
  3. When discussing, focus on solutions, not on problems. Many have a tendency to discuss issues and problems endlessly.
  4. Focus on using “We” more than “I.” You will not evoke trust if you keep using a lot of “I” in conversations.
  5. Get good at remaining silent if you have nothing of value to add. You don’t have to add your two cents to everything the other person says.
  6. If you are upset, don’t speak. Don’t let your emotions take over. Take time to frame your response carefully before you deliver it.
  7. Disagree, but don’t be disagreeable. Don’t be squeamish about conveying your disagreement but do it in a civil and positive way. 

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