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We Succeed Most Times

Succeed Most Times

There is a quotable quote by James Clear that says Win enough to keep progressing. Lose enough to keep learning.

The fact is that most of the time, we succeed in whatever we do. So the few times we lose, it feels bad because we aren’t used to losing as much as we are used to winning.

If you were a student, you would probably achieve the score you wanted most of the time, but you would likely miss some times.

If you were in sales, you would likely win most of the deals you are well positioned for, but you may lose a few.

If you were in Marketing, most of the marketing campaigns you run would likely succeed, but a few will fail.

If you were in Project Management, most of the projects you manage would be on schedule, but some may overrun, missing deadlines. 

When we succeed, which is most times, we build momentum that becomes the wind in our sails. We are motivated by our victories. They help us push forward.

However, the few times it is likely that we will fail, instead of feeling bad, we should use the momentum from our wins to take risks. We must push ourselves to achieve something beyond our grasp, even if it feels uncomfortable. Occasionally we will actually turn around losing situations into winning ones, and the rest of the time, we will learn.

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