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How Strong Is Your Integrity?


Warren Buffet once said about the attributes he looks for when recruiting anyone: “We look for three things when we hire people. We look for intelligence, we look for initiative or energy, and we look for integrity. And if they don’t have the latter(Integrity), the first two will kill you because if you’re going to get someone without integrity, you want them lazy and dumb.”

Integrity is an internal moral compass we have. Behaving with integrity means acting ethically and doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. Integrity shows up in many ways in our behavior, particularly in the workplace.

Telling the Truth- It’s easy to be truthful when things are positive. So how do you deal with issues when they are negative? Do you tell the truth, or do you sugar-coat? 

Sharing Information- In business interactions, information has influence and power. Do you share information or hoard information to garner an unfair advantage for yourself? 

Being Accountable- There are many situations where your actions don’t yield the results you seek. Do you take responsibility without blaming others, even when it means admitting to your shortcomings?

Showing up with courage to deal with difficult situations- You might have to go back to a client with new information that proves what you said was incorrect. Or you may need to stand up to a senior colleague who wants to do something that may be against the organization’s interest. Do you show courage to do what is right? Do you speak up or challenge the person?

Meeting Deadlines- Do you come through when you say you will? Do you honor the deadlines you give for work you must deliver?

Integrity is the common denominator of a rewarding and successful career. How strong is your moral and ethical compass? It’s always good to do a self-check.

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