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Change Happens In Five Stages

Change happens in five stages

Change: Some people want to make a change in their lives, and they know what it should be. Many others have vague ideas about what they want to change about themselves. However, they are not sure. What needs to change? 

But what exactly is change? Is it just some basic desire, or is it something that goes beyond thought into a consistent behavior change? What is the best way to create and sustain change in ourselves or others?

The Five Stages Of Sustainable Change

There are five stages everyone has to go through before they change their habits or behaviors.

Stage 1- Becoming Aware Of The Issue  

The trigger for any change is the spark of awareness that blooms in the mind. 

I am not feeling good. I am feeling unhealthy .

Or, I don’t have the necessary skills to help me get to the next level. 

The journey of change begins with awareness of the issue.

Step 2-Developing A Desire For Change

It does not mean that organic change will occur just because one is aware of the problem. Awareness should motivate us to do something about it.

A twenty-five-year-old knows she has a skill gap and is willing to take a certificate course to develop the skill. On the other hand, a fifty-year-old is also aware of a skill gap but is not motivated enough to invest in developing himself.

One cannot change unless one is aware of the issue and has the intrinsic desire to change.

Step 3- Acquiring The Know-How 

When the desire for change sprouts, questions arise. How do I change, and what must I change? It is essential to develop the know-how. For example, consider someone who struggles with interpersonal issues. They may be aware of their issue, and they may also want to change. But what should they do? External sources like books, mentors, teachers, etc., provide the know-how.

Stage 4- Developing The Capability

Personal change occurs when behavior or habits change. After acquiring the necessary knowledge, it’s time to put it into practice.

The only way someone can become good at programming is by writing a lot of code after learning the basics.

Or, now that you understand the science behind intermittent fasting, you are putting it into practice consistently to lose weight.

Any change happens when we start building the rituals to develop the capability.

Stage 5- Cementing The Change

The hard-earned change that comes with taking action must be sustained to become an ingrained habit. Rituals are needed to reinforce capability.

Sleeping by 11 pm every night to sustain the habit of waking up by 5 am every day.


Keeping off sweets to complement the intermittent fasting habit.

Losing weight, developing new skills, and becoming calmer- it doesn’t matter what change you want to make in your life or see in others- one has to pass through all five stages before one can experience real change. 

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