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Teach To Learn

Teach To Learn

In the last few months, a few newcomers have joined my team. They have been going through the customary induction and orientation programs to get familiar with the products and services my company offers the clients.

I was speaking with one of my new colleagues yesterday about how best to fast-track her learning, and I had one simple message for her.

You learn best by teaching.

There is no better way to learn anything than to teach someone. Because to teach others, you have to confront many fundamental questions about the subject.

  • What is the broad idea of the subject?
  • What are the different contours of the subject that I need to be aware of?
  • Do I feel comfortable with what I know, or are there areas I need help understanding?
  • What does expertise look like in this domain?

These questions force you to discover the heart of the matter, to see precisely what you truly understand and what you need to work on.

Take any idea or topic you are trying to understand and ask yourself what you would say right now if someone asked you to explain. 

Do that once, and you’ll find your confidence and grasp on the subject zooming!!

Teach to learn. 

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