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Do You Understand The Problem You Are Trying To Solve?

Understand the problem

To solve any problem efficiently, identifying the problem correctly is an essential first step.

If you try to solve a problem without diagnosing the problem correctly, you end up wasting a lot of time and effort.

Consider a good doctor. What does she do when you go to her with an ailment? First, she asks you questions and performs tests to determine the possible root cause before prescribing a treatment.

How does one get to diagnose the problem correctly?

Metrics help you reveal the problem and come up with a solution. So for any activity you do, if you have some form of metrics underpinning it, then when there is any problem, it becomes easy to identify the root of the problem.

Want to improve a skill, complete a task, or undertake a project? Before you jump to take action, have some metrics to track what you do. You will save yourself a lot of trouble when you encounter issues and challenges.

There is nothing more unproductive than trying to solve efficiently a problem that you have yet to understand well in the first place.

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