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Focus On Creating Value

Creating Value

I am in the business of selling technology solutions to customers. The last few years have taught me that technology selling is a game of trust. The more trust you can build with your clients, the more rewards you get in terms of credibility, commitment, and compensation.

It is expected that you have a deep understanding of the domain in which you operate when pitching your solutions. Your clients need to trust you for your knowledge, expertise, and ability to create value through your solutions. Otherwise, they will see you as a product peddler.

Those who fail to demonstrate requisite knowledge and expertise will find it difficult to evoke trust and, in turn, struggle to achieve results.

Technology selling is less about “What my product does” and more about “How can I help the client?”. When you are obsessed with creating value for your clients, trust is a natural by-product that leads to great relationships and results.

Selling Technology is just an example. Whatever your work domain, if you adopt a mindset of creating value, the trust people have in what you do will skyrocket, and naturally, you will see better results.

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