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What Good Leaders Do


A young mentee recently got promoted into a team-lead role, and he reached out to me for some advice. I shared my thoughts in the form of the following ten things all leaders should do to be truly effective. More importantly, when they do all of these , they begin to inspire without trying too hard.

  1. First off, you care for the well-being and growth of your teammates.
  2. You trust that your teammates can handle the tasks assigned.
  3. You seek your team’s input on important matters.
  4. You challenge your teammates to become better to take on more significant responsibilities.
  5. You mentor and coach your teammates to help them deal with obstacles.
  6. You are responsive to the needs of your team
  7. You recognize good work, and you shine the spotlight on the contribution and achievement of your teammates.
  8. You treat your teammates with respect and dignity.
  9. You apologize for mistakes you make that impact them.
  10. You back your teammates when the chips are down.

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