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Weekend Story-To Remember Or Not To Remember?


How can you forget what we practiced just yesterday? Baby, you have to learn to remember all the lessons taught in school; otherwise, you will not move ahead in life. !!” little Tommy’s mother admonished him as he struggled with his 3rd-grade Maths.

Just then, Tommy’s dad entered the house. He seemed agitated. Tommy noticed his mother speaking in a low tone with his father.

I know, dear, you are very upset with your uncle for what he did. But, It was so many years back. So, why are you letting something he did in the past upset you? Let bygones be bygones. Learn to Forget and forgive. Otherwise, you will not be able to move ahead!!”

Little Tommy wondered- Just now, when I forgot my lesson, I was told, Learn to remember; otherwise, I will not move ahead. Now, when my father remembers some issue, he is being told – Learn to forget; otherwise, he cannot move ahead- strange !!

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