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Five Rituals

five rituals

Life can sometimes appear challenging. Issues frustrate us; we are angry about something; there is too must stuff happening, and we feel overwhelmed; or there is a loss of some sort, and we feel sad.

When we are stuck in our negative states, it directly impacts our productivity. So, how does one bounce back from feelings of overwhelm, anger, frustration, or sadness?

Five rituals work very nicely for me when dealing with my negative emotional states.

  1. If I am feeling stressed, I go for a walk. An hour of brisk walking does wonders to improve my mental state.
  2. If I feel upset- I listen to uplifting music– There is no better mood elevator than listening to a playlist of my favorite music.
  3. If I am caught in a loop of overthinking or anxiety- I write in my journal. Penning my thoughts helps me get out of the loop of my ruminating thoughts.
  4. If I feel overworked- I read a book or watch a comedy movie. I feel relaxed when I read books or when I watch light-hearted movies.
  5. If I feel lazy and listless, I exercise. Exercising is a natural antidote for laziness. 

Many of us don’t grow up learning how to deal with our emotions. While each of the rituals I mention here helps me shift my emotional state, there is one vital step to take before taking any action. And that is to become aware of the specific emotional state I am experiencing and acknowledge it. Labeling the issue helps me activate the proper ritual to deal with it.

Our emotions are always telling us something. So we need to pay attention and devise the right rituals to deal with them.

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