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Keep Track Of Your SAY/DO Ratio


One of the vital attributes that helps one build trust in the workplace is reliability. We all know those dependable individuals we rely on to confidently complete their assigned tasks..

Reliable people exhibit a high SAY/DO ratio. This is the ratio of things you SAY you will do to those you follow through on and DO. The lower the ratio, the less reliable you are. Being aware of your SAY/DO ratio is an essential first step to consciously enhancing your reliability.

When does your SAY/DO ratio go wrong? Typically when one of three things happens.

  1. You underestimate the complexity, time, effort, or attention required complete a task and end up slipping on commitments.
  2. You say YES to some requests because you couldn’t say NO even though you have no ability or interest in following through and delivering the commitment.
  3. You are casual about giving commitments and attach no importance to following through. 

If you keep track of your SAY/DO ratio, you will become very conscious and careful about the commitments you give. You will only take up a task or responsibility when you are sure and fully committed to delivering.

Reliability is the fastest path to establishing credibility and trust. So, only give commitments when you are sure. And, if you do commit, ensure you go the extra mile to fulfill your obligations meticulously. Your credibility is at stake.

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