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Be Intentional


What is my intention here? What do I want?

Being clear about what you want out of any situation isn’t something that happens on its own. Clarity is something you have to seek. You can only find clarity and gain focus when you actively search for it.

If you are getting into a sales call, don’t just go through the motions; take a moment to define for yourself what you want coming out of the call. Sure, winning the sale is important, but that is not intention. Intention is when you ask yourself, “What would I like to do in this call knowing what I know about the customer’s needs. Do I want to probe, do I want to brainstorm, do I want to sell?”. Being intentional and clear about how you wish to handle the conversation based on the client’s specific needs can make all the difference.

Another example. You are preparing for an important presentation, don’t just go through the motions;  Be intentional about what specific aspects of the presentation you want to prepare for. It could be voice modulation, it could be body language, it could be pacing, or it could be messaging. You might have ten rehearsals. Make each rehearsal intentional about what you wish to iron out and get better at.

It is easier to stay focused and committed when you are clear about what it is you want coming out of any situation. Let your intention guide your actions.

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