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Face Reality


Many of us don’t want to get onto the weighing scale because we worry that we have added weight. So we avoid tracking our weight, convincing ourselves that the situation is not very grave.

We refrain from tracking how we are doing against our goals because we worry about coming face to face with the truth of how far we are lagging.

We shy away from having a heart-to-heart discussion with our partner because we worry that the truth will come out that the relationship is in a bad place.

Whatever the situation, It is tempting and easy to insulate ourselves from reality because the avoidance acts like an emotional shock absorber, allowing us to focus on how we’d like things to be, as opposed to how they actually are.

Unfortunately, the problem with avoidance is that it creates enormous stress at a subconscious level. Deep down, we are always concerned about reality catching up.

Avoidance is an emotional Ponzi scheme that our mind is always trying to play on us, lulling us into the false comfort that everything will be ok, but it also knows it’s all a matter of time; reality will catch up.

Avoiding reality doesn’t improve our status in any way. It merely perpetuates a cycle of denial, trapping us in a stagnant state of wishful thinking.

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