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Five Traits To Handle Negative Feedback Better

negative feedback

As a boss, I recognize that I can be demanding when engaging with my team, and this sometimes leads to me giving negative feedback about areas where they could have performed differently, more efficiently, or quickly. 

Handling negative feedback gracefully and being willing to learn and improve requires great self-assurance. 

I am fortunate to have teammates who demonstrate some excellent traits when it comes to dealing with my negative feedback. From my observations, I am capturing below Five traits that my teammates demonstrate to effectively deal with negative feedback. They-

  1. Don’t React: Instead of reacting defensively, they offer me the benefit of the doubt. They keep an open mind and absorb my feedback, understanding that it serves as a means for improvement.
  2. Listen Actively: They listen attentively, seeking to understand my perspective fully.
  3. Thoughtfully question: When seeking clarification, they ask me questions to figure out what I am saying and why.
  4. Accept Feedback:  They readily accept and acknowledge their shortcomings without hesitation, realizing that this reflects strength rather than weakness.
  5. Learn from the feedback: Every instance of negative feedback is treated as an opportunity for growth and learning. They proactively turn the input into a constructive tool, even if I fail to do so.

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