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Emotions Are Contagious

emotions are contagious

Emotions are a form of energy, and they are contagious. You feel light and cheerful when you are in contact with a boisterous, happy person. Likewise, when you come in contact with someone full of negativity, your own mood plummets. Read more…

How Strong Is Your Faith?


Between our expectations and acceptance lies our faith, and in our faith lies our freedom. Everyone gets into something with the expectation of a positive outcome. But for me to realize my expectations, one critical element must be in place. Read more…

There Is Never Any Bad Weather

bad weather

A retired weatherman was asked by his friend,” You have trained to read the weather all your life. Can you tell me what kind of weather it is going to be tomorrow?” “Sure, I know. It will be the kind Read more…

Are You Feeling Guilty For Being Free?


Up until a few years ago, I used to be troubled by a problem. Whenever I found myself free, there was a noise in my mind reminding me that I was wasting time, that I could do something more productive. Read more…

How Is Your Emotional Maturity?


Though he is thirty years old, he has the mentality of a fifteen-year-old, or he is only fifteen, but he has the maturity of a thirty-year old. Many of you have probably come across references like this about yourself or Read more…

Confidence Comes From Being OK With Failing

confidence with failing

Many people mistakenly believe that confidence is linked to success. They think, ” He is so confident. No wonder he is so successful.” Sadly, social channels also propagate this curated impression that all success is a consequence of confidence. This Read more…

Transform Your Internal Narrative


Many people I know struggle with having a very pessimistic outlook towards their future. They are stuck in their mind with a lot of limiting narratives like ” I don’t think I have anything special to share with others” or Read more…

Grow Beyond The Image


When you are in a relationship with someone, you form an image of that person in your mind. For some time, the person’s actions and the image of the person you have in your head are in synch. Over time, Read more…

A Subtractive Approach Is Sometimes Better


In my weekend reading, I came across a scientific study featured on the cover of the April 8 issue of the journal Nature that presents a compelling idea about the importance of subtraction in our daily lives. The core idea of this scientific Read more…

Why Do We Care So Much What Other People Think?


Why do we care so much about what other people think? 5000 Years Back…… Imagine for a moment that you are back in time, roaming the savannas of central Europe. You are a part of a close-knit tribe, hunting together Read more…