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It’s Not Always About You

Not always about you

Although rejection can feel disheartening, it’s important to keep in mind that it shouldn’t halt your progress or lead to self-doubt. Don’t jump to the conclusion that a rejection automatically means you’re inadequate. Remember, it’s not always a reflection on Read more…

Weekend Story-The Almond Tree

almond tree

I said to the almond tree, “Sister, speak to me of God.” And the almond tree blossomed.

Conversations-The Currency Of Leadership

currency of leadership

A wise leader once said that conversations are the currency of leadership.   If you are a leader, your entire influence and contribution boils down to the nature of conversations you have with your team, colleagues, clients, and stakeholders. To help me Read more…

Control The Craving…To Be Right

Craving to be right

One of the challenges that comes with gaining extensive experience is the illusion of knowing it all. Because I have experienced so many facets, I sometimes find myself getting too attached to my own opinions, resulting in a dismissive attitude Read more…

Universal Skills

universal skills

The other day, someone asked me about essential skills for success in their career and life. This got me thinking. Could there be a universally prescribed skill set that applies to all?  Definitionally, a skill is an ability acquired through Read more…

Create Value To Capture Value

create value

In the knowledge era we are a part of today, we need to think of ourselves as a “product” with a functional utility value. In the long run, we might want the market to judge us based on our perceived Read more…

Fail Forward

Fail Forward

We can experience failure in many ways. You weren’t paying enough attention, and oops, something went terribly wrong. Or maybe you didn’t put in your best effort and failed. Then there’s that tough one when you’re in a competitive field, Read more…

Weekend Story-Knowledge And Wisdom

knowledge and wisdom

A young man once approached Socrates and asked the philosopher how he could acquire wisdom and knowledge. “Follow me,” Socrates said in response as he led the young man down to the lake. When they arrived at the shore, Socrates Read more…

Building Trust In A New Setting

Building Trust

Recently, one of my friends joined a new organization in a senior role. During our coffee catch-up just before his joining, he confided in me about his main concern: building trust with the board and management team. We delved into ways Read more…

Weekend Story- The Mirror House

Mirror House

Once upon a time, nestled in a quaint village, there was a house unlike any other. This peculiar house had a living room adorned with a thousand mirrors, each reflecting a world of its own. It was a room that Read more…