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Avoid The Three C’s

Three C's

If you want to be effective in your life, you should focus your time and energy on things that you can control. Schedule your time in activities that fill you with a sense of hope and positivity. Three things that Read more…

Show Up

Show Up

Let’s say you are on a path to becoming fit. The hard part is not knowing what workouts to do. It is also not the pain or the agony that you experience when you work out. The hard part is Read more…

Be Part Of A Flock


As I was driving to drop my wife someplace this morning, I noticed some migratory birds (flamingos, I think they were) flying in a V formation. I remember seeing a national geography feature long back about why long-distance migratory birds fly Read more…

Quit Worrying About Tomorrow


One of the bad habits that many of us have unconsciously acquired over the last year, through the pandemic, is an unhealthy obsession with the future. “Did you see the latest Covid Numbers? What do you think the issue is? Read more…

Life’s Mirror

Life's Mirror

While listening to a podcast this evening, I came across a reference to a lovely poem that was supposed to have been penned by one Emma Wheeler Wilcox. Fascinated by the few lines of the poem that the speaker read Read more…

There Is Always The Next Race


Goal achievement is a bit like running a marathon. Some run a marathon as a competition. Their goal is not just to run the Marathon but to also beat 5000 other runners. For such competitive runners, goal achievement is in Read more…

You Can’t Change Anyone

change anyone

All of us have that one or two folks in our lives who stress us out because of their actions. The exams are nearing, and the kid doesn’t seem to care. You want to see him focused o his studies, Read more…

Always Accept With Grace

Accept With Grace

How do we react when we receive something- This is something that has always fascinated me. When you receive a gift, a kind gesture, or an apology, how do you respond, and what do you say? Let’s take the case Read more…

Don’t Delay The Good

Don't Delay The Good

Once a wealthy merchant navigated the high seas going from one state to another when his boat got caught in a raging storm and capsized. The Merchant was marooned, holding onto a log of wood and trying not to drown. Read more…

Your Success Is In Your Progress


We all want to be successful in life. When we think of success, we think of achieving wealth, influence, power, and status. The more we have these in our lives, the more successful we will feel. Earl Nightingale was one Read more…