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Be Happy With Yourself First

happy relationships

Your relationships with others will be happy and positive only when your relationship with yourself is happy and positive.

Many of us suffer from a lot of emotional insecurities and traumas that we then try to cover up through the love and affection of those we feel close with. Unfortunately, this is a recipe for toxic relationships. We become clingy about the very people we are close with. We become self-centered, constantly judging the other person. Fact is, the problem is never with the other person; it is with us.

When you become emotionally dependent on someone for your emotional needs, you can never be happy because the switch for your emotional satisfaction is in the other person’s control.

The secret to happy and healthy relationships is to be happy with yourself first. And, if you are struggling with some hidden issue that you don’t know how to deal with, don’t punish yourself by continuing to be miserable. Instead, reach out to people, not for emotional support, but for help—people who are qualified and capable of helping you deal with your issues.

You spend the most time with yourself. So figure out ways to be best friends with yourself. You will naturally become an attractive person that everyone else wants to hang out with when you do that.

Nobody can make you happy unless you are happy with yourself first.

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