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Be Contented And Ambitious


There is this misimpression that being contented means being happy with lesser. This view is faulty.

Contentment does not mean I will not be ambitious in life. It just means, “whatever I have today, I will cherish it and enjoy it without any regrets.”
Contentment means being able to live a happy and beautiful life with what I have right now. Whatever be the state of my material achievements today, I am feeling good about myself.

Being contented today does not, in any way, imply that I cannot aspire for more, tomorrow. I can be ambitious about all my goals, and I can seek to maximize abundance for myself.

It is vital that in the pursuit of my tomorrow, I do not regret my present. If I am not in a state of being happy and contented with what I have in my life today, I will not have the emotional foundation to pursue my tomorrow with vigor and enthusiasm. So, it is essential that my emotional state today is positive and fulfilled to make my tomorrow beautiful.

In essence, Contentment today is the very pedestal from which I am pursuing all the ambitious goals of my tomorrow.

I cherish where I have reached in life, but I will aspire for more. I will be ambitious about all my future, and I will seek to maximize.

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