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Month: April 2021

How Long Did Usain Bolt Take To Win The 100 Meters Gold ?

Usain Bolt

How long did it take Usain Bolt to win the 100 meters sprint Gold Medal in the Olympics? The obvious response is 9.58 seconds. The less obvious but more profound answer is twenty years. Twenty years of waking up every Read more…

You Are Ready NOW

Ready Now

Before I quit my secure, high-profile banking job to become a technology entrepreneur, I was unsure and uncertain for months. I kept pushing the decision because I wanted to feel “ready” before taking the plunge. Until one day, I concluded Read more…

Positive Ideas

Positive Ideas

I often come across some great thoughts, positive ideas and quotes when reading books or listening to podcasts. Anytime I come across ideas that I find inspiring, I make it a point to write them down so that I can Read more…

A Difficult Boss Is Often A Blessing

difficult boss

Mentoring conversations are great. There is always a fascinating insight that comes out of a conversation. A few of days back, I was speaking with a mentee about dealing with difficult bosses and difficult colleagues. The conversation was regressing into Read more…

The Secret To Having Great Relationships

Great Relationships

What is the secret to having positive and trusting relationships? Here is a mental model I always refer to whenever I feel a touch of stress coming into my active relationships. Go into any relationship looking at what you can Read more…

Tame The Resistance-Express Your Creativity


All of us, when we were kids, did creative stuff naturally. If we felt like painting, we would pick up some pastels or watercolors and paint with gay abandon. When our friends called us to put up a dance program Read more…

Guilt Is Always Better Than Shame

Guilt and Shame

This happened early in my career. I was presenting something important to my firm’s senior management team, and midway through the presentation, I froze. The key messages that I wanted to convey got messed up and what was supposed to Read more…

This Or That ? The Contradictions We Struggle With

This and that

This or That? In our lives, there are many choices we have to deal with where we feel conflicted. What is more important- this or that? The easy decisions are where the conflict is between what is right and wrong Read more…

Destiny Or Choice?

Destiny or choice

I am standing on the kerb waiting for my friend to pick me when a car knocks me down. It is a situation I did not plan for. It just happened. I can call this situation my Destiny- something that Read more…

Be(A)ware Of Your Self Serving Bias

Self Serving Bias

It is a normal human tendency to take credit for positive events or outcomes when they happen but blame outside factors when anything negative or wrong happens. When things go well, we want everyone to give us credit. “I delivered Read more…