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There Is Always The Next Race


Goal achievement is a bit like running a marathon.

Some run a marathon as a competition. Their goal is not just to run the Marathon but to also beat 5000 other runners. For such competitive runners, goal achievement is in winning against all the others. If the winning does not happen, there are other marathons where these runners can participate and try to win.

In contrast, many run the Marathon to challenge themselves. Here the goal is to try and complete the Marathon. Timing does not matter. If the Marathon is completed, its a victory. Even if it is not, there is always the opportunity to get back and run the next race.

Thus all goal achievement in life should be a process of progress. You have some goals, and you achieve some, and where you don’t, there will be more opportunities.

Now, when does goal non-achievement start to hurt and make us feel like “losers” ?

When you create back pressure on yourself to achieve something- I want to show that I am worth it, I want to prove to my family that I am an achiever or there is that big financial reward that I want to get.

When you create an attachment to an outcome, it is typically for one of two reasons.

  1. You are trying to satisfy your ego- I am good, I am a winner, I want to prove how good I am.
  2. Or, you want to satisfy some need- I need the money to put as a down payment for the house I plan to buy.

Whatever be the reason, when you create an attachment to an outcome, you set yourself to undergo emotional pain if things don’t go as per your expectations. Because it is no longer about the goal achievement, it is now about not satisfying your ego or your need. 

The best way to pursue life goals is to think of them like running a Marathon. Achievement is a progressive realization of an ideal goal. All you have to focus on is the direction and progress. As long as you are progressing in the right direction, appreciate that you have a lifetime ahead of you to cross the milestone you may have missed today. There is always the next race !!.

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