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Month: June 2021

King Solomon’s Test

King Solomon

King Solomon was a wise Persian Kind, and he wanted to test the wisdom of his most trusted Minister, Benaiah. So he called his minister and said to him, “Benaiah, there is a unique ring I want you to locate Read more…

Keep Your Physical Spaces Clean

Physical Spaces

The most organized, peaceful, and meticulous people I know are also the ones who have clean, uncluttered workspaces. It’s almost as if their external environment is reflecting their internal mental state. Taking a cue from watching many of these folks, Read more…

A Riddle For The Weekend


Here’s an intriguing old riddle. There were Five frogs perched on top of a lily pad. But then, one of the frogs decides to jump off. So, how many frogs now remain on top on top of the lily pad? Read more…

Give Your Mind A Break

Give Your Mind A Break

I am sure we have all had this experience. There is some issue or problem you are grappling with. You think deeply and you strain your mind in the hope of finding the right solution. Finally, your conscious mind reviews Read more…

Use Positive Frames


Be quiet instead of Don’t talk. Give your best instead of don’t screw up. Be strong instead of Don’t be afraid. Focus on doing everything correctly instead of Ensure that you don’t make mistakes. Speak positively instead of Don’t speak Read more…

The Devil Is Always In The Small Problems

small problems

The brakes in your car are loose. You have to push the brake pedal down hard for the traction to kick in. What will happen when you don’t get the brakes fixed. Very likely, you will get into an accident. Read more…

Avoid The Three C’s

Three C's

If you want to be effective in your life, you should focus your time and energy on things that you can control. Schedule your time in activities that fill you with a sense of hope and positivity. Three things that Read more…

How Do I Delegate Better?


I was in a coaching conversation with one of my mentees a few days back, and he wanted some help on figuring out when to delegate and when not to delegate. His challenge was that his team was young, and Read more…

Show Up

Show Up

Let’s say you are on a path to becoming fit. The hard part is not knowing what workouts to do. It is also not the pain or the agony that you experience when you work out. The hard part is Read more…

Feedback Is A Gift

Feedback is a gift

“Hey, you could have done this differently.” “Can I tell you something? The way you spoke to the other person was rude.” “I am a user of your products, and I am very upset. The quality of your products and Read more…