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Long Run Vs Short Run

long run

Sharing via one of the memorable blogs of Seth Godin, The short run and the long run– a powerful message to remind us to always manage in the short run knowing that it is the long run that matters !!


It’s about scale. Pick a long enough one (or a short enough one), and you can see the edges. 

In the short run, there’s never enough time. In the long run, constrained resources become available.  

In the short run, you can fool anyone. In the long run, trust wins.

In the short run, we’ve got a vacancy, hire the next person you find. In the long run, we spend most of our time with the people we’ve chosen in the short run.  

In the short run, decisions feel more urent and less important at the same time. In the long run, most decisions are obvious and easy to make.  

In the short run, it’s better to panic and obsess on emergencies and urgencies. In the long run, spending time with people you love, doing work that matters, is all that counts.  

In the short run, trade it all for attention. In the long run, it’s good to own it (the means of production, the copyrights, the process).  

In the short run, burn it down, and someone else will clean up the problem. In the long run, the environment in which we live is what we need to live.  

In the short run, better to cut class. In the long run, education pays off.  

In the short run, tearing people down is a great way to get ahead. In the long run, building things of value makes sense.

Add up the short runs, though, and you’re left with the long run. It’s going to be the long run a lot longer than the short run will last. Act accordingly.

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