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Sensory Acuity

Sensory Acuity

This is something I am sure every one of you has experienced.

You decide to buy a car or a bike. So, you go to the showroom and test drive the different models. Finally, you make up your mind about the make, model, and color of the car or bike you wish to purchase. The showroom folks tell you that they will deliver the vehicle in 3 days. Now, you see something strange happening over the next three days. Whenever you are on the roads, you start noticing that every other car or bike seems to be the same model and the same color as the one you have just placed an order for. You think “Wow, I didn’t know that the model I am buying is so popular.”

How come you did not notice the same car or bike model before?

This phenomenon is quite normal , and in the NLP(Neuro-Linguistic Program) world, there is a term for this- Sensory Acuity. It is the mental faculty all of us have that makes us sharply aware of things and details around us.

Awareness is typically a function of what your mind is thinking of at any moment. It is like a torchlight inside your head that illuminates everything that the mind is thinking about. What your mind focuses on, your mind becomes aware of.

So, what is the point of this faculty that we possess?

If you constantly think of opportunities, you will begin to notice opportunities everywhere around you, just like you noticed the car. In contrast, if you are continually thinking about how your life is full of challenges and obstacles, what do you think you will be observing more of? Obviously, obstacles and challenges.

The faculty of Sensory Acuity is available for every one of us to harness. Think of the possibilities, and you will see the possibilities manifesting in your life, as if by magic.

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