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Generosity Is A Form Of Energy

Generosity Is Energy

A friend called me last evening, and while chatting, he said something that intrigued me immensely.

My friend, based in India, helped many people during the last wave of Covid crisis that India went through. But, in his mind, he was not feeling good.

When I asked him why he was feeling unhappy, my friend had this to say.

” You know, I was helping a few people with getting access to oxygen and other medical care. But, many others did much more than I did. So, I felt like I was not doing enough. And that makes me feel guilty !!”

This view of his got me thinking. Despite helping many people, my friend was feeling envious of someone else’s generosity. He felt bad because he saw others doing more, and that made him question his own contribution.

We are in the era of social media where ironically, the good deeds of others make you question your self-worth.

Just like it is the same energy that powers a 20-watt bulb or a 100-watt bulb, generosity is the same positive energy that can manifest as a smile, a kind word, financial support, or time you give someone. An act of generosity can have no grading. Generosity is a form of fundamental energy.

This is what I told my friend.

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