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Don’t Count The Flaws In Others


Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich said something very wise. “It was as great surprise to me when I discovered that most of the ugliness I saw in others, was but a reflection of my own nature.”

Though I did not agree with this when I first read it, over time I have realised that this is indeed true.

When I think someone is rude and arrogant , in a way it is a reflection of my own arrogance which is feeling the heat of the behavior of the other person.

When I think someone is selfish and self-centered, I am feeling that way because subconsciously I am struggling with the same problem.

Think of an argument that you may have had with someone recently- colleague, spouse, sibling, friend anyone where you have come out feeling hot under your collar. You feel riled up because of what the other person said or did. At the core, you felt upset not because the other person said something wrong, but because there was some truth in what the other person said that touched a raw nerve inside you.

Don’t expend your emotional energy looking to find faults in what others say and do. When you do that you are actually projecting your own faults.

When you stop looking for flaws in others, you will release a lot of your own flaws !!

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