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Month: September 2021

Just Make A Start

Make A Start

Many of us suffer from this dilemma- we want to do something, but we struggle to take the first step. It could be starting a business, a blog, a youtube channel, learning a new skill, or even a hobby. We Read more…

Prioritize The Big Rocks

Big Rocks

I am sure many of you would have seen this video doing the rounds on WhatsApp about a professor coming to a class and doing an exercise of filling a container with rocks, pebbles, and sand. The video presents an Read more…

Anything Done Consistently Becomes Special


A few days back, I was chatting with a friend, and he had some kind words to say about my daily blog. He told me how some of my blog posts made him think and revaluate his beliefs and habits. Read more…

Questions Enlighten More Than The Answers


Whatever the situation may be, one thing I do is ask a lot of questions. Questions make a conversation meaningful and create possibilities. A thoughtfully worded question can open up an entire conversation. My kids often come to me asking Read more…

Coach Yourself

Coach yourself

We all make mistakes all the time, but somehow we struggle to forgive ourselves and move on. We struggle with a lot of negative chatter in our heads. “Shit, I was supposed to have completed that task. I could not.” Read more…

Weekend Story

A Story

Let me share a small story. A promising young executive at IBM was involved in a risky business venture that failed and lost the company Ten Million Dollars. Tom Watson. Sr, IBM’s founder and CEO, summoned the executive to his Read more…

Consider the “Instead “s


Small choices make for a big change. Seth Godin calls these choices the “Instead “s that we all get to exercise. They are the alternatives to our default behavior. Instead of taking a nap, go for a walk. Instead of Read more…

Satisfaction Or Pleasure ?


There are two types of positive feelings. The pleasure of indulgence. The satisfaction of striving. The pleasure of the extra piece of pizza that I could have avoided but chose to indulge in. The pleasure of the extra hour of Read more…

There Is No Spotlight !!


Many of us live our lives every day thinking that there is a spotlight trained on us and that anytime we make a mistake, stumble or make a faux pas, we think there are loads of people around watching and Read more…

Leverage Your Reticular Activating System

Reticular Activating System

Our brain functions uniquely. When you are sitting in a room or walking on a road, you notice everything without noticing anything in particular. Unless something specific catches your attention or you decide to focus on something specific. Try this Read more…