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Consider the “Instead “s


Small choices make for a big change. Seth Godin calls these choices the “Instead “s that we all get to exercise. They are the alternatives to our default behavior.

  1. Instead of taking a nap, go for a walk.
  2. Instead of reacting, take a pause.
  3. Instead of thinking you don’t have enough, think of what you can be grateful for.
  4. Instead of looking for what is wrong, look for what you can appreciate.
  5. Instead of worrying about how far you have to go, appreciate how far you have come.
  6. Instead of focussing on the differences, consider what is common.
  7. Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs.
  8. Instead of shooting off an angry mail, pick up the phone and call.
  9. Instead of getting sucked into watching the next episode, read a book.
  10. Instead of spending for yourself, consider donating to a cause.

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