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Weekend Parable-Two Ways To Be Positive

Two ways to be positive

This morning as I was driving my son for his tuition class, we chatted about how one can keep a positive outlook even when things don’t go according to plan. I narrated a small parable to make my point.

A Zen Master had with him a beautiful Handcrafted Porcelain Cup that a student had gifted him.

The Zen Master felt very grateful. Every day, he would take the Cup out, use it for drinking water, and keep it on his table. He would revel in showing the Cup to his visitors and tell them about his student’s kindness.

At the end of every day, the Master followed another strange ritual. He would hold the Cup in his hand and remind himself mindfully, “the glass is already broken.”

This ritual continued for years until one day, bad luck struck. While admiring the Cup, a clumsy visitor dropped it, and it shattered completely. All the students gasped in shock, knowing it was their Master’s favorite Cup. But the Zen Master remained ZEN. Looking at the shattered Cup, he remarked, ” Ah, it’s broken. Let’s clean the mess up,” and picked up a broom and started sweeping.

The parable conveys a vital message that a positive outlook can come in two forms. One, being OK with not getting something you desire. The other is in being OK with losing something that you value.

Be grateful when you attain anything you desire. But also remember, nothing lasts forever, and there will be situations when you will lose something that feels valuable. Therefore, learn to maintain your composure even if you lose something you value. This is the secret to having a positive outlook towards life.

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