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Focus On Building Your Ability


Something I realized today.

All goals that are set to achieve power and status will lead you to anxiety. On the other hand, any goals that focus on building character and ability will lead you to a sense of excitement and adventure.

Whenever you approach a task to prove a point to someone or achieve some sort of external signaling like a promotion or a big year-end bonus, the emotional path to that is always fraught with stress and uncertainty. “What if I don’t make it?” or “How will others look at me?” are questions that are constantly preying on your mind.

In contrast, when you are looking at doing something to build your skill or ability, the emotional pathways are always positive and full of anticipation. No fear or uncertainty is dogging you because you are doing it for yourself, and you know whatever little or considerable progress you make, you will be better in the wake of what you do.

An excellent way to deal with this predicament- frame all your ambitious goals from the perspective of the personal growth you will experience. You will feel a little less anxious.

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