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Three Traits Of Mentally Resilient People


What is it that gives some of us the capacity to be resilient in the face of adversity, hardship, and setbacks while some others just throw in the towel and give up at the slightest blow to their plans?

There are three traits I have seen mentally resilient people possess.

They Take Responsibility

It is a natural tendency to credit ourselves for our wins and blame others or circumstances for our losses. A sale is clinched- I am a great sales guy. A deal is lost- The client was biased, or competition played the price game.

Mentally resilient people tend to resist this normal human tendency. When something goes wrong, they ask themselves- what could I have done differently? Where did I let myself down?

Similarly, when they succeed at something, they acknowledge the other factors contributing to it- help from someone, luck of circumstances, etc.

Find Meaning In The Suffering

Mentally resilient people look for meaning in everything that happens. When something bad happens or goes wrong, they don’t simply lament their bad luck. Instead, they look at why something has happened and how the experience is meaningful for their growth. They reframe their problems not as setbacks but as opportunities for growth.

They Are Resourceful

When the chips are down, mentally resilient people keep themselves positive. They don’t let adversity pull them down. They are able to create useful and unique solutions in challenging situations. And, they are able to solve problems with what they have and do more with less.

Being resourceful is a mental state. It’s an attitude thing. Resourceful people come with the attitude-” I may not have the resources, but I have the resourcefulness to figure out intelligent ways to deal with my issues. “

The quality of our lives is not determined by our good times. It is determined by how we deal with the tough times, the blows, the setbacks. People who take the hard knocks and stand up are naturally more resilient.

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