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Hurdles Fade When You Are Clear About Your Goal


Whatever your pursuit, it is always helpful to be clear about what you are going after. I say this because when you see your goal clearly, the hurdles become invisible. When I say hurdles become invisible, it does not mean hurdles are not there. It just means that hurdles become less significant in the face of the goal you are going after. In your mind space, the goal and the path to the goal takes priority over the hurdles.

Taking a traffic metaphor, when you know where you have to go, then even if the main arterial roads are choked, you always know which side roads to take to reach your destination. This is because your mind automatically focuses on which routes to take to avoid the traffic jam instead of feeling helpless, focusing on the gridlock.

So, here is a simple idea- If you find yourself worrying about challenges- the market is tough, too many competitors, demanding customers- it probably means that you are not clear about your goal. Because if you are clear, you will realize that challenges and setbacks are hurdles that come with the terrain, and you will learn to deal with them without letting them undermine your progress, towards your goal.

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