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Weekend Story- The Two Monks

Two Monks

In ancient Japan, there were two monks- a master and his disciple- who once traveled between two towns during the rainy season. The roads were muddy and potholed because of the rain and, in many places, difficult to cross.

Coming to a bend, the two monks came across a young lady in a silk kimono and sash, reluctant to cross the road because it would spoil her lovely dress.

The older monk, noticing the young lady’s discomfort, swung into action. “Let me help you cross the road”-quickly lifting her in his arms, he carried her across the road and put her down on the other side.

The younger monk kept quiet through the journey. However, when they reached their evening destination, he decided to question his master.

“Oh master, as monks, we are not supposed to go near ladies, especially those who are young and lovely. So how could you take the lady in your arms? It was wrong !!”

“I left the girl back at the road,” said the older monk. “But you seem to be still carrying her in your head !!”

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