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Working Hard Vs Creating Value

creating value

We often conflate working hard with creating value. We think because we are working very hard, we are creating value.

Unfortunately, this is not always true.

I put in a lot of work in preparing a proposal. But if the proposal is not good enough to get me the deal or the competitor has presented a more comprehensive proposal, then no value is created.

You spend hours working on a presentation draft, but your boss rejects it as not being good enough.

A salesperson makes 20 sales calls but does not close even one sale.

In each instance, significant effort is being expended, but very little value is being created. Value creation happens when your effort and labor result in you moving forward toward your personal or organizational goals.Your personal and professional growth, beyond a point, is always a function of the value you create through your efforts.

The world around us appreciates us for the value we create and not for the effort we put in. However, because of our hard work, we end up with an entitlement mindset. Our mindset goes,” Yes, results may not have happened, but how can you ignore the effort I have put in?”

In life, hard work is not the only thing. Always ask yourself, is the work I am doing creating value?

Despite your hard work, if you ever feel you are not being appreciated or rewarded as much as you deserve-It could be because the value you are creating is not as great as the effort you are committing.

Take care to ensure that the work you put into any endeavor is worth it !!

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