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Weekend Story-UBUNTU


An anthropologist once visited a tribal village in South Africa. He spent the day engaging with the tribe members. Then, in the evening, he gathered all the children in the village and proposed a race. 

He placed a basket full of fruits under a tree and asked all the kids to line up about 50 meters away. He then told the kids to race towards the tree, and whoever got to the tree first would claim the fruit basket as a reward. All the kids nodded enthusiastically, waiting for the visitor to flag the race. 

When the Anthropologist said ready, set, go, something strange happened.

All the kids held each other’s hands and ran towards the fruit basket together.

The Anthropologist had never seen anything like this before. So he asked the kids: “In a game where everyone is supposed to race, why did you all hold your hands and run together? “

In unison, the kids replied:”UBUNTU, how can one of us be happy if everyone else is sad?”

‘UBUNTU’ is an expression in the Xhosa culture of South Africa which literally means: “I am because we are.”

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