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It’s My Fault !!

It's my fault

If you want to be great at dealing with issues and problem solving, there is one simple mantra to follow.

Make everything your fault.

  • The client placed an order somewhere else- it’s my fault.
  • My colleague is hostile towards me- it’s my fault.
  • The firm doesn’t recognize my contribution- it’s my fault.
  • My kid keeps secrets from me- it’s my fault.

When you think of everything as your fault, you essentially hold yourself completely accountable for everything happening in your life instead of blaming someone or something. 

Paradoxically, when you think of everything as being your fault (in a positive way, without beating yourself), you give yourself the power to improve and turn things around. 

Your ability to deal with and solve problems is directly proportional to how accountable you make yourself. People who are great at problem-solving and generating results hold themselves radically accountable for everything !!

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