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Weekend Story-The Two Teams

Two Teams

Twenty days remained until the big game. Then, finally, the two teams made it to the finals after multiple rounds of intense competition.

There was, however, an uneasy undercurrent that the university head coach felt. He observed a palpable build-up of animosity between members of the two teams as they advanced through the competition. What started as competitiveness had morphed into an uneasy “win at all costs” on both sides. Members of both teams were at each other’s throats, sledging and trying their best to undermine the confidence and morale of the other team.

The head coach asked the two teams to gather at the sports center a few days before the match. Once he had everyone’s attention, the head coach turned towards the whiteboard and drew two unequal lines-one longer than the other. He then asked the captain of the first team to match the two unequal lines.

Using the whiteboard wipe, the captain erased part of the long line to align it with the shorter one.

So saying, the head coach shared a powerful message with his wards- “Sports is a metaphor for how we should lead our lives. To win at anything, you don’t have to pull someone down. You always have a better choice- elevate yourself.”

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