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Feedback Is Valuable, Don’t Resist It

feedback is valuable

When a colleague, a customer, or a friend is generous in sharing their negative feedback, even if you feel it is misplaced, it is what it is. It is unfortunate that most times when we receive negative feedback, we let our emotions cloud our judgment. We confuse feedback with criticism. If someone gives us feedback, we immediately assume they have some hidden agenda or motive and go into a mode to defend ourselves. Even worse, we try to convince the other side that their feedback is unfair. Unfortunately, when we get defensive, we derail our ability to derive value from the feedback.

You might disagree with the assumptions that the person made leading up to the feedback. But, no matter what, feedback is valuable, and it is only by acknowledging the feedback of the other person, do you get into a position of deriving value from it.

Ken Blanchard the renowned management guru says feedback is the breakfast of champions. You ignore it at your own peril.

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