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Being Well Balanced Is Key


What makes for an ideal new-age knowledge worker?

I was discussing this idea with my nephew recently, and my view was that being well-balanced is an important character trait.

Workplaces today demand that we are all efficient in what we do and good at working and collaborating with others.

A balanced individual is one who has a rational mind that asks “why” when dealing with matters and logically seeks out the answer while also having the emotional intelligence to be amicable with everyone.

Being smart, analytical, and rational is not enough to win the cooperation of others. Similarly, we cannot succeed just by being good-natured.

A blend of the two is necessary to achieve consistent success at work.

We must balance the rationality of a scientist with a warm-hearted virtue that makes others want to cooperate with us. Anyone who can achieve this balance will always be in demand at the workplace.

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