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Month: December 2022

Five Way’s To Make Life Easier

Sharing Via Greg McKeown’s blogpost. Five primary ways to make your life’s work easier:

Opinion Vs Feedback

We should all learn to differentiate between different types of criticism . Crticism that says or points out that someone didn’t like something you’ve done, you should learn to ignore.. it only means the your work does not resonate for Read more…

Weekend Story- Henry Ford’s Test

henry ford's test

Henry Ford once wanted to hire a planning manager. He shortlisted two candidates who were both brilliant, from the same college, from the same class, and with the same GPA. To decide whom to select, Henry Ford took them out Read more…

Half Glass Full

half glass full

If you focus on the half glass empty, you will see the empty portion of the glass. Instead, if you focus on the half glass full, you will see water in the glass. What is the dominant narrative going on Read more…

Be A Creator !!


Sharing via James Clear‘s Blog. A beautiful idea of how anyone can think and act like a creator. “Deconstruct the cool things you see. If you’d like to become a better musician and you see an amazing performance, start paying Read more…

Be Prepared To Step Back

Step Back

Oftentimes, we find ourselves in situations where no matter what we do, nothing seems to be going our way. We get desperate, thinking that we are not doing enough and we keep hustling and pushing. It is a bad idea Read more…

Avoid Lazy Opinions


Charlie Munger, the partner of Warren Buffet, is renowned for his biting wit and wisdom. One particular quote of his is very pertinent to our approach to dealing with issues.  “I never allow myself to have an opinion on anything Read more…

How Much You Learn


This afternoon, I was talking to my son about his music.  My son practices violin meticulously and takes his music seriously. However, despite his talent and skill, he is a reluctant performer. Although he enjoys practicing, he is not happy Read more…

Feedback Is Valuable, Don’t Resist It

feedback is valuable

When a colleague, a customer, or a friend is generous in sharing their negative feedback, even if you feel it is misplaced, it is what it is. It is unfortunate that most times when we receive negative feedback, we let Read more…

Weekend Story-The Answers Have Changed

The answers have changed

In 1942, Albert Einstein was teaching at Princeton University, and he once administered an exam to his 2nd-year students of Theoretical Physics. Later in the day, he was walking on the campus with one of his senior assistants when all Read more…