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Mind Your Self-Limiting Beliefs

limiting beliefs

I don’t think I can change. This is how I am !!

A friend passed this comment a few days back, reacting to some work challenge he was going through.

“What do you mean you can’t change? Is it some genetic trait that you have ?” I retorted irritably.

I have often come across friends, colleagues, and family members who pass comments like this, sometimes seriously, sometimes flippantly, whenever they find themselves in some spot of bother about something.

Comments like these trigger me.

Whenever anyone passes a comment like ” this is the way I am,” they are essentially inhibiting the odds of ever changing. They are creating limits to their own development.

Most people are unaware of self-limiting beliefs lurking in their minds. They accept the belief to be true and assume, “That is the way I am” or “I am not good at this or that.” However, the reality is that these beliefs are nothing more than excuses for avoiding the pain of change. They are a means to justify the lack of effort required to improve oneself.

Try to become aware of your limiting beliefs. The next time you catch yourself saying, “I am not good at this,” or “I can’t do that,” stop and ask yourself, “Why not?” 

Is it because of a lack of effort, a lack of practice, or a lack of belief in yourself and your abilities?

Instead of limiting yourself with negative self-talk, embrace the problems and challenges as opportunities for growth and learning. Try to override your limiting beliefs with an empowering belief that you have the power to change and develop yourself. 

The only limits in our life are those we impose on ourselves. So mind your self-limiting beliefs.

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