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Weekend Story- Everything Within Your Power

everything within your power

A man and his 10-year-old son were hiking through the forest trails when they encountered a fallen tree blocking their path. The boy asked his father if he could move the tree and clear the way.

The father smiled enigmatically and responded, “I think the tree is big, and it will not be easy. But if you do everything within your power, you can move the tree.”

The boy eagerly braced himself against the fallen tree’s trunk and pushed with all his might. But, alas, the tree was too heavy, and he couldn’t budge it.

Feeling disappointed, the boy turned to his father and said, “You were wrong, Dad. I failed. I don’t have the strength to move the tree.”

The father replied, “No, son, I wasn’t wrong. I said that you could move the tree if you did everything within your power. Did you do everything in your power?

The boy was confused and didn’t understand what his father meant.

The father explained, “It was within your power to ask me for help. So why didn’t you?

Realizing that he had overlooked the obvious solution, the boy asked his father for help, and together they moved the fallen tree, clearing the path ahead.

The boy learned a valuable lesson that day.

Doing everything in your power doesn’t mean doing everything on your own. You can always take help when you need it.

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