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Daily Is Easier

Daily is easier

It’s easier to do something daily rather than look to do the same thing a few times a week.

Here is a counterintuitive proposition I want to share today based on my personal experience. 

Three years back, just as I started blogging, I told myself I would write three times a week. That plan worked for a couple of weeks, but soon I found myself slacking off. Since I planned to write only three times a week, it was very convenient to tell myself, “I am tired; I don’t have to write today- I could write something tomorrow instead.” However, getting back to writing after a break, even for a day, demanded willpower, which was troublesome. So after a few weeks, I stopped writing altogether.

I needed a new approach. One that did not involve the use of willpower. So, one fine day, I decided to start writing every day. And lo and behold, that subtle change made all the difference. Doing something every day turned my desired behavior into default behavior.  

When willpower is lacking, routine always takes over. So, taking a cue from this idea, I made writing daily a routine, eliminating the need to depend on willpower.

I say this approach works for any new change you wish for yourself. Want to work out in the gym? Do it daily. Want to meditate? Meditate daily. Want to practice music? Practice daily. Want to wake up at 6 am? Wake up at 6 am daily. 

Daily is always easier than sometimes-This is what experience has taught me. 

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